Mmm, Token Spaces…

Yes, that’s right, Paul, I was drooling over Token Spaces, and why not? They’re oh so delectable despite being completely intangible and representing only a concept with no physical relation to any other space. And they’ve been popping up right and left around here, so I can’t help but think about them. It’s been amazing to me how the four sign languages used here at DOOR have so many of the aspects we thought were universal, making me confident that I’m getting an education based on more than Bob’s teaching whim (although that can be quite amusing).

So tomorrow is going to be my first filming day, which I am quite excited about. I’m going to get the citation forms of the Ethiopian manual alphabet on video, and perhaps set up some other situations to see what contact phenomena pop up. I’m sure my musings will take form once I see how things progress the first time around. I’ve still got almost a full month here, so I’m not too worried.

My allergies have progressed to level orange (ie. TERRIBLE) as determined by Michael Chertoff, who reminds me to be diligent in keeping my nose spic and span. Unfortunately, that has meant that I’ve had to turn down going to a jazz club this evening, but hopefully I’ll be better for tomorrow. It’s Kevin’s birthday, a friend of the illustrious Julie Hochgesang, whom I met by happenstance as he came to DOOR to use the recording facilities just yesterday. It seems we have a lot to talk about in the realm of combining linguistics with social action – I can’t wait.

It’s Friday and the weekend is here, so I’ll keep this post short. Expect some good pictures for next time. Until then, peace.

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