I was at the mall the other day and was thinking about how slow the nights here can be, and was prompted to buy a deck of cards. Most of the students had never played a card game before, so we started simple with Spoons. Well, let me tell you that now, all they want to do once dinner is over is play a good long few matches of Spoons. Students that were formerly hermits of a sort have managed to come out of their shells to expose a competitive nature that is friendly but fierce. Good fun, indeed.

This week has been well, with little news to report on. I’ve been authoring some experiments that I will administer this weekend, and will be returning to ICC this Sunday for some familiar worship. Tomorrow might be out on the town with Kevin, a friend of Julie’s who is working on a KSL-learning text. I got to sit in on a meeting with the director of the KSL Research Project today, which was nice fun to debate how spoken language linguistic theory applies to signed languages. Yes, I’m a nerd, but at least I don’t substitute oft-confused phonemes for fun 🙂

I’d love to be able to stay here longer for a variety of reasons, but am also ready to head back. It’s a tough dilemma. First things first, though, I’ve got to finish the Master’s degree that I started.

Okay, my contacts are drying up and, as it’s past the time that the office normally closes, I shall go. World Peace.

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