The Dark Continent

Why is Africa called such, you may wonder? Because power outages are frequent, unannounced, and long-lasting. For the last three days, we’ve been in the dark for all of the business day and sporadically during the evenings as well. It’s quite eerie for mzungu to go to bed in pitch black darkness, but TIK – this is Kenya!

I managed to get by box from the post office just fine, and the weekend proved invaluable for shopping, meeting friends, and enjoying my last few times out in Nairobi.

I managed to get a taste of Tusker, Kenya’s ubiquitous beer, a brew that is quite sweet compared to what we’re used to in the States. The Cellar is a nice restaurant just down the way from DOOR that I enjoyed in the company of some fellow Americans – Peace Corps volunteers, retired PCVs, and others working in Kenya’s deaf sector.

Sawa, well as I am paying high charges for my Internet connection now, I’m going to sign off early. Peace.

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