Closing Up Shop

Wednesday is my last day here in Nairobi, and I’ve been trying to get as much in as possible. What’s more the Internet has again been patchy around here, so I apologize for my delay in posting updates.

Saturday I attended a Deaf-hearing Kenyan wedding which was a cultural experience to say the least. It went for two hours, which tested my capacity to sit for a while, but was a lot of fun to see how such ceremonies are conducted elsewhere. There were ten attendants on each side (yes, ten) and both the bride and the groom’s parents accompanied them to the stage. In addition, there were elements of a regular church service including music and a sermon. Of course, it all concluded with a reception full of food, dancing, and gifting.

Sunday I cooked a pot of Chili for the Deaf here to give them a taste of the States, and had chocolate chip cookies a la mode for dessert. Having to improvise without a working oven, we “baked” the cookies on a cast iron skillet, but nothing could stop the Toll House recipe from winning some stomachs. We had a good time enjoying our last weekend together.

I’ve also tried to cram in as much touristy things as possible, and have had the wonderful presence of some other wazungu to share the experiences with. On Sunday, the ex-pats met up for dinner at Simmers, an open-air place in town, and today we saw the National Archives (which might more appropriately be called the African Archives), the Kenya Sign Language Research Project, and Bomas of Africa, a show profiling the dancing traditions of Kenya’s various tribes. We had a good time, but I’m spent.

That’s it for now. I’ll be taking a lot of pictures before I leave as my last hurrah (as long as my camera behaves). Stay tuned.

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