Yeah, Paris

So Paris was interesting. I didn’t get to do much, given the short time I was there, and the fact that I had to worry about a lost bag. However, BA’s donation of €150 to my clothing fund was well-received, even if I have yet to see my bag.

Thursday I headed to Cafe Signes, a deaf cafe on the South side of Paris. Unfortunately, they don’t serve dinner, but I met an American couple there and we grabbed some dinner at a cafe down the street. I’ll meet up with them later in Madrid.

Friday I visited Montmartre, Notre Dame, the Pompidou Centre, and went to Disneyland Paris in the afternoon for a slice of home and some English. I had a great time in the park, and gave Nicole a call (to her surprise) to say hi. I’ll have to head down to Orlando before school starts again.

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping for new (clean) clothes and a bag to haul them with, and headed to the airport early to check on the status of my lost bag. The baggage agent at CDG said that the bag had made its way to Paris, but it was not locatable at the time – he agreed to send it on to Madrid to meet me there.

So now I’m waiting to board my flight to Madrid. I hope to see my bags there when I arrive and have a grand time in a city with a familiar language. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey, sorry about that lost bag of yours, but we had some technical difficulties fitting me in it so I could go to Europe instead of internship today…oh well, I see I’ll be sending it express to Madrid instead of back to Paris..will do, sorry about that, but I knew you’d love the opportunity to get something parisian to bring home 🙂

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