Beaujolais Season


The latest batch of Beaujolais Nouveau is upon France, and I had to see what the hype was all about.

First, props to Charly and Christel (enchanté de faire ta connaissance) for introducing me to a very French tradition.

So, every year, vineyards make quick batches of wine (we’re talking fermented for a few weeks here) and put them on sale the third Thursday of November. Of course, the whole cardinal Thursday thing reminds me of Thanksgiving and make me suspicious that these quick batches are really capitalism in disguise, but as American I can live with that.

The three of us had a bottle over dinner the other night and thought it was decent for the price and short production time. However, I went to the store to pick out some other vintner’s selections and have enjoy the variety that such a country as France can bring to such a staple as wine.

The bottle pictured at top is deep and spicy with bold Fall fruit tastes, nice to enjoy even on its own. One thing’s for sure – these are worthy of gifting!

Riddle du Jour

So I have a riddle that no right-minded person will know the answer to:

What kind of a library do you have to pay for, and doesn’t have Wi-Fi access?

You’d think it doesn’t exist, right?  But apparently the French thought it would be a great idea to have their national library comme ça.  So now I have to decide whether €35 is worth a year of entry to a library in Paris without a way to search their catalog.  Only the French would do something so illogical!  (and weren’t they the ones responsible for the whole intellectual revolution?)

BTW, here’s a picture of the building:

Today, Sad Finger

Today I have a sad finger.  He can’t bend over nor stand fully upright because last night he got jammed while playing a (very fun) game of handball.  Thus, I will end this post soon to give the guy a rest, and see about having him looked at.

Oh well, I guess if it’s that bad, they can just take it off at the elbow (props to my grandfather for that one)!