Riddle du Jour

So I have a riddle that no right-minded person will know the answer to:

What kind of a library do you have to pay for, and doesn’t have Wi-Fi access?

You’d think it doesn’t exist, right?  But apparently the French thought it would be a great idea to have their national library comme ça.  So now I have to decide whether €35 is worth a year of entry to a library in Paris without a way to search their catalog.  Only the French would do something so illogical!  (and weren’t they the ones responsible for the whole intellectual revolution?)

BTW, here’s a picture of the building:

2 thoughts on “Riddle du Jour

  1. right down the street past, next to it is the most awesome movie theatre– HUGE lazy boy type red chairs… very awesome. and yeah, they have a different idea of library don’t they- lol. so did you get a membership? 😉

    and let’s face it, the architecture is quite arte-nouveau don’t you think?

  2. I didn’t end up subscribing since I had to prove that I have an academic mission to do so. But I managed to get a couple hours of sleep in the common areas, which was needed. I’ll look for the La-z-boys next time.

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