La Grève Française

So, french people know how to strike (they should – it happens all the time). But their strikes aren’t crippling like American or Italian strikes; instead, a part of the workforce will alert the government to their intentions with a few days’ notice, and quietly take to the streets to make a mark against a change in their working conditions, or way of life.

When I was walking down the street in Paris the other day, I noticed this call to protest the conversion to the Euro, and chuckled with slight envy at this country in which I live – only here would someone have the balls to say they hated building the largest and most powerful monetary union in the world and think about leaving!

Edit Dec 4, 2014: Perhaps this strike wasn’t the worst idea after all!

2 thoughts on “La Grève Française

  1. Ils sont fous ces français !!!
    Où as-tu vu cette affiche ? Je n’en avais jamais vu des comme ça !

    et Bravo pour ton français,tu écris mieux que certains “vrais” farnçais !!

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