A good week in Paris

I’m just coming off a great week in Paris, though I’m ready to be going home.

My lab sent me to an intensive LSF class for the week to kick-start my learning of the local language. It was very fun and I got to interact with normal deaf people (sorry, deaf linguists don’t count, just as hearing linguists don’t) for the first time since I’ve arrived in France. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to take a class in Rennes to keep myself in the habit of using LSF. Church was good fun as usual, and hanging out with friends from Paris during the week was a nice break from the packed weekends I’m used to.

Crystal and Ally (Alli? sorry) were in town as well, so I had a good set of American friends to test out the restaurants around Saint-Michel with during the evenings. They did a whirlwind tour of all the museums, and I hope they had a moment or two to enjoy the beautiful parts of Paris before taking off for London.

My only disappointment with the trip came in the form of two Asian women who moved into my hostel room on the last day. I tried to grab an afternoon nap, but they walked in talking quite loudly and actually made a point to wake me up to ask which beds were open (as if it wasn’t obvious). For those of you who know me just after having woken up, I’m not too happy until I’ve had a little coffee in my system – the same held true that afternoon.

But going back to my own bed in my own apartment will be quite fun. I’m looking forward to the vacations next week and getting our project off the ground and bringing in subjects to share LSF with us. Until next time!

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