Snow blocks thousands in Vannes!


Snowy Vannes

Ah, yes it’s that time again, when snow falls and nobody is prepared. Take Vannes for example: we’ve had an impressive inch-and-a-half of snow since Sunday and streets and sidewalks are still covered. I even got a cancellation email today because someone is “blocked” by the snow. Seriously?

All this because someone forgot that you put salt down before it snows, rather than gravel down after it snows. Oh well!

Bastille Day


Flag of Vannes in Bastille Day Parade

It’s Bastille Day (14 July) here in France, and the town is abuzz with national spirit.

This morning, I was awakened by the sound of a band playing La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.  And yesterday, a parade went by on the street outside my window, featuring costumes traditional of French royalty and Breton customs; there was even a bagpipe band.

Summer in Bretagne

Summer has finally made its way to Vannes, and life is better.  Yesterday I laid out in the sun, and though I earned a few itchy mosquito bites (many of you know that if there’s a mosquito within 20 miles, it will somehow find only me!), my new coat of summertime tan is a welcome change from what was a coldish spring.

Which brings me to ponder just why we have school during the summer here in France – is this the only country where that happens?  I know my friends in the States are enjoying a little time away from the hectic pace of classes to enjoy summertime get-togethers and inter-session workshops.  I’m jealous.

But at least I have the sun and France!